TRS of Illinois

Tips & Tricks

Import and Recover Functions

Once you click the “OK” button when using the import or recover options, your request will be put into a queue for processing. This will prevent timeout errors on the web when multiple employers are performing the same task. You will receive a confirmation email once the import or recover function is complete and all employees have been added to the Annual Report.

If you use the import process, members’ full names will be displayed. Please do not spend time correcting name orders of existing TRS members because this information will not transfer to the TRS STAR database.

If you use the recover option, the process will recover all members from the TRS STAR database that have service and earnings information from the prior year. This will take into account any members added or deleted during the last year through the adjustments to earnings or Annual Report audit processes.

If you use the recover option, the process will recover members’ names as currently shown in the TRS STAR database. Please do not spend time correcting names of existing members because this information will not be transferred to the TRS STAR database. A Change of Address form or Member Information and Beneficiary Designation (MIBD) form must be completed by the member to update demographic information.


Avoid using the browser back/forward buttons. You will be unexpectedly exited out of the system less if you make use of the left hand menu or by using the breadcrumbs (underlined, purple text) located under the “Employer Access Area” banner.

Earnings Vs. Creditable Earnings

On the “Employee List” screen, the “Earnings” column heading is checked if information is entered in any of the boxes in the “Earnings” section [boxes (3) through (9)] of the “Update Employee” screen.

When using the filter capabilities, the “Creditable Earnings” checkbox, when selected, will include all members with creditable earnings entered for the Annual Report.

Fatal and Non-Fatal Edits

All fatal edits must be fixed before you are able to submit your report.

When using the filter capability, if you check both “Fatal Errors Only” and “Non-fatal Errors Only” the system will populate a list of those members that have both fatal and non-fatal errors. It is recommended that you first filter by “Fatal Errors Only” and make the required modifications to these members. Then filter the employee list by “Non-fatal Errors Only” and review these members for possible modifications or to provide edit explanations. Remember that you can always view or print the “Annual Report Employee Edit Report” for a list of members with currently invoked fatal and/or non-fatal errors.

Update Employee Screen

Each member’s Annual Report salary and service (“Earnings”) information and any applicable terminated sick leave, unpaid leave of absence or sabbatical leave information is entered via the member’s “Update Employee” screen.

If errors are invoked after updating a member’s Annual Report records, it is necessary to click the “Save with Errors” link if you wish to retain the member’s updated information prior to leaving the current screen.

Deleting an Employee

From the “Employee List” screen, click the “Update” link on the member you wish to delete. Under the “Employee Information” section, click on the “Delete Employee” link.

Leave Information

When entering a full year leave of absence or only terminated sick leave and you have recovered from the prior year, you must choose “Select One” for “(3) Type of Employment” and you must delete any days from “(4) Number of Days in Employment Agreement."

If you have any members on leave of absence during the year, you will be required to enter the beginning and ending dates of the regular school term for the year of the Annual Report you are completing on the “Submit to TRS” screen.

If you have not entered any terminated sick leave, leave of absence, sabbatical leave, or federal funds information, you must indicate whether this is correct or incorrect on the “Submit to TRS” screen.

Compliance Questionnaire

The “Compliance Questionnaire” entry consists of 7 screen pages that are linked by “Save and Back” (save current page and go to prior page) and “Save and Continue” (save current page and go to next page) buttons. If you wish to cancel and not save your responses on the current page, exit the “Compliance Questionnaire” entry screen by selecting another menu item on the left under the “Annual Report” section. Once you have selected a “Yes” or “No” response and saved (“Saved with Errors," if applicable) the responses on that page, you cannot deselect your “Yes” or “No” response but you can switch your response from “Yes” to “No” or vice versa. For a previously saved page if you switch your response on part “a” of a question from “Yes” to “No” and any “Yes” responses to the remaining parts of that question are no longer applicable, switch your response(s) to “No” for the remainder of that question.

For response fields other than the “Yes” or “No” buttons, you can remove your response by highlighting the entry and pressing the “Delete” key on your keyboard. Previous responses to checkbox fields can be removed by clicking on the currently checked box.


Under the “Reports” menu, upon selection of the “Draft” or “Final” Annual Report of Earnings links, the “Filter Annual Report of Earnings” screen will be displayed. After you make your filter selections and press the “OK” button, the report will be displayed.

Some of the reports may not load immediately.

Once the Annual Report has been submitted, you will have view only access.

Submit to TRS

After all of the questions on the submit screen have been addressed, click the "Submit to TRS" button. A message that the Annual Report has been submitted to TRS will be displayed.

Once submitted, you will not able to make changes to the Annual Report or related reports.